SOA with REST: Principles, Patterns & Constraints for Building Enterprise Solutions with REST

SOA with REST:
Principles, Patterns & Constraints for Building Enterprise Solutions with REST

  • Prentice Hall/PearsonPTR
  • ISBN: 0137012519
  • Hardcover, 577 pages
  • Authors (in alphabetical order)
  • Raj Balasubramanian
  • Benjamin Carlyle
  • Thomas Erl
  • Cesare Pautasso
  • Foreword by:
  • Stefan Tilkov

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Case Study Background
  • Part I: Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Introduction to Services
  • Chapter 4: SOA Terminology and Concepts
  • Chapter 5: REST Design Constraints and Goals
  • Part II: RESTful Service-Orientation
  • Chapter 6: Service Contracts with REST
  • Chapter 7: Service-Orientation and REST
  • Part III: Service-Oriented Analysis and Design with REST
  • Chapter 8: Mainstream SOA Methodology
  • Chapter 9: Analysis and Service Modeling with REST
  • Chapter 10: Service-Oriented Design with REST
  • Part IV: Service Composition with REST
  • Chapter 11: Fundamental Service Composition with REST
  • Chapter 12: Advanced Service Composition with REST
  • Chapter 13: Service Composition with REST Case Study
  • Part V: Supplemental
  • Chapter 14: Design Patterns for SOA with REST
  • Chapter 15: Service Versioning with REST
  • Chapter 16: Uniform Contract Profiles
  • Part VI: Appendices
  • Appendix A: Case Study Conclusion
  • Appendix B: Industry Standards Supporting the Web
  • Appendix C: REST Constraints Reference
  • Appendix D: Service-Orientation Principles Reference
  • Appendix E: SOA Design Patterns Reference
  • Appendix F: State Concepts and Types
  • Appendix G: The Annotated SOA Manifesto
  • Appendix H: Additional Resources

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About this Book

The World Wide Web is based on the most successful technology architecture in the history of IT. It has changed how we view, access, and exchange information and, with the formalization of REST constraints, it has also provided us with compelling ways to build and improve automation solutions.

How you wield the power that comes with the inherent flexibility and simplicity of REST is up to you. REST provides a great deal of guidance to ensure that an architecture and its automation logic are technically sound, but the responsibility of ensuring that what you build actually provides value to the business is yours.

Service-orientation has established a proven method for realizing a specific target state that has proven strategic value to many organizations. Achieving this target state requires that we apply service-orientation to a suitable distributed computing medium. This book demonstrates that REST is not only a suitable medium for building truly service-oriented solutions, but also that the service-oriented architectural model is a suitable (and often necessary) foundation for REST technology architectures to realize their full business potential.


"An inspirational book that provides deep insight into the design and development of next-generation service-oriented systems based on the use of REST. This book clarifies the convergence of SOA and REST with no-nonsense content that addresses common questions and issues head-on. An essential 'instrument of modern service implementation' and a powerful body of knowledge for software designers, architects and consultants."

- Pethuru Raj PhD, Enterprise Architecture Consultant, Wipro Consulting Services

"This book illuminates the connection of the two domains - SOA and REST - in a manner that is concrete and practical, providing concise application to every day architectural challenges. Fantastic!"

- Ryan Frazier, Technology Strategist, Microsoft Corp.

"SOA can be done in many different ways, and REST has become the most visible newcomer in the space of potential implementation frameworks.

This books illustrates what architects and developers need to know about RESTful SOA, and most importantly drives home the main point that REST makes as a style for SOA: It is all about designing service ecosystems, and providing clients an easy way to use resources in those ecosystems and even connect them across individual services. This book undoubtedly will help SOA to reap the benefits from the main value propositions of Web Architecture: Decentralization, Loose coupling, Connectedness, Self-Describing Services, and Service Interfaces that are independent from service implementations."

- Dr. Erik Wilde, Architect, EMC Corporation

"SOA with REST is a tour de force that elegantly applies REST principles to the industry-standard SOA framework described in prior titles in this series. The book provides useful guidance to practitioners while staying true in form and spirit to the REST constraints defined in Roy Fielding's thesis. The chapters on RESTful contract design in and of themselves justify the cost of purchase. This book is a must read for anyone developing REST services."

- Dave Slotnick, Enterprise Architect, Rackspace Hosting

"REST is so much more than just another type of interface implementation - 'SOA with REST' shows how the eco-system of service compositions changes as new opportunities arise for service composition architecture designs. A comprehensive guide and a must-read for any serious IT architect considering REST-style services for application architectures."

- Roger Stoffers, Solution Architect, Hewlett Packard

"SOA and REST are two very important architectural styles for distributed computing. SOA is successfully adopted by most of enterprises, and the REST style is getting more attention to both researcher and industry users. The book SOA with REST introduces a new architectural style which is ingeniously combining both SOA and REST styles and clearly reveals how SOA and REST can work together to generate successful enterprise SOA strategies with REST and make right architecture design decision. This book is a bible of best practices for designing and implementing SOA architecture with REST. It is a must-have reference book for both IT practitioners and researchers."

- Longji Tang, FedEx IT Senior Technical Advisor, PhD in CSSE

"The book is a must read for any IT architect or software engineer that wants to gain a deep understanding of the principles, patterns, and implementation concepts that pertain to building REST-based applications for service-oriented architectures. It goes well beyond fundamental topics to explore the relationship between REST and various specific SOA principles and patterns."

- Sanjay Singh, Development Manager, NorthgateArinso, Certified SOA Architect

"An authoritative, well-written reference for enterprise architects, analysts, developers and others. This book shows not only the elegance, simplicity, and versatility of REST. It also gives us a clear understanding of how REST synergizes with SOA and service-orientation, how REST can impact SOA design goals, how we can design and develop REST services, and how we can address the unique challenges of integrating RESTfulness into service-orientation. This book is required reading for anyone who desires technical mastery of building service-oriented architectures with REST."

- Philip Wik, MSS Technology

"REST and SOA are two of the most misunderstood terms in the software industry over the past decade. Yet the REST architectural style coupled with modern RESTful framework implementations, provides a scalable and reliable approach to SOA. This book covers all you need to know about how to take the principles of REST and apply them in small and large SOA developments. If you are familiar with REST and thinking about SOA then you need this book. If you have not considered REST in your SOA work then this book is for you too. Covering concepts of both REST and SOA, as well as design patterns and when to use them, the book is a wonderful companion and a good tool for architects and engineers."

- Dr. Mark Little, CTO JBoss, Red Hat

"The Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl continues its tradition of using simple examples to elucidate complicated concepts. With the latest in the series, SOA with REST, the authors have created a resource that discusses REST through the lenses of the common SOA Pattern language. SOA with REST is a fantastic resource for the Enterprise Architect and Developer alike!"

- Kevin P. Davis, Ph. D., Software Architect

"The SOA with REST book is an excellent addition to the SOA library. It does an excellent job of explaining that SOA and Rest are not exclusive of each other. Too many people seem to be of the opinion that it is an either/or proposition which is clearly not the case."

- Sherwood Glazier, SOA Architect, Zions Bancorporation

"The new book of Prof. Thomas Erl does a deep analysis of the modeling techniques for design of Smart APIs, a new look at the SOA, with a comparative study going from the traditional WebServices to RESTful architectural style. Comparison of state machines, Orchestration and Choreography with HATEOAS and best approach for this strategy."

- Prof. Felipe Oliveira, Founder and Research Manager, SOA|EXPERT