Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Objectives of this Book
1.2 Who this Book Is For
1.3 What this Book Does Not Cover
1.4 How this Book Is Organized
1.5 Symbols, Figures, and Style Conventions
1.6 Additional Information

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Chapter 3: Service-Oriented Computing and SOA
3.1 Design Fundamentals
3.2 Introduction to Service-Oriented Computing
3.3 Goals and Benefits of Service-Oriented Computing
3.4 Case Study Background

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Chapter 4: Service-Orientation
4.1 Introduction to Service-Orientation
4.2 Problems Solved by Service-Orientation
4.3 Challenges Introduced by Service-Orientation
4.4 Additional Considerations
4.5 Effects of Service-Orientation on the Enterprise
4.6 Origins and Influences of Service-Orientation
4.7 Case Study Background

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Note that content from Chapters 3 and 4 is also located online at and
SOA Principles of Service Design
SOA Principles of Service Design
by Thomas Erl