Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Objectives of this Book
1.2 Who this Book is For
1.3 What this Book Does Not Cover
1.4 Prerequisite Reading
1.5 How this Book is Organized
1.6 Symbols, Figures, and Style Conventions
1.7 Additional Resources

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Chapter 5: Understanding SOA Design Patterns
5.1 Fundamental Design Terminology
5.2 Historical Influences
5.3 Pattern Notation
5.4 Pattern Profiles
5.5 Patterns with Common Characteristics
5.6 Key Design Considerations

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Chapter 16: Service Governance Patterns
Compatible Change
Version Identification
Termination Notification
Service Decomposition
Decomposed Capability
Proxy Capability
Distributed Capability
Service Refactoring

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SOA Design Patterns
SOA Design Patterns
by Thomas Erl
Foreword by Grady Booch
With contributions from David Chappell, Jason Hogg, Anish Karmarkar, Mark Little, David Orchard, Satadru Roy, Thomas Rischbeck, Arnaud Simon, Clemens Utschig, Dennis Wisnosky, and others.