SOA with .NET & Windows Azure: Realizing Service-Orientation with the Microsoft Platform

SOA with .NET & Windows Azure:
Realizing Service-Orientation with the Microsoft Platform

by Thomas Erl

  • Prentice Hall/PearsonPTR
  • ISBN: 0131582313
  • Hardcover, 893 pages
  • Authors (in alphabetical order):
  • David Chou
  • John deVadoss
  • Thomas Erl
  • Nitin Gandhi
  • Hanu Kommalapati
  • Brian Loesgen
  • Christoph Schittko
  • Herbjorn Wilhelmsen
  • Mickey Williams
  • Forewords by:
  • S. Somasegar
  • David Chappell
  • Contributors:
  • Scott Golightly
  • Daryl Hogan
  • Jeff King
  • Scott Seely
  • Members of the Microsoft Windows Azure team
  • Members of the Microsoft AppFabric team

About this Book

In SOA with .NET and Windows Azure, a team of top Microsoft technology experts team up with Thomas Erl to explore service-oriented computing with Microsoft's latest .NET and Windows Azure innovations. The authors show how modern service technology advancements within the Microsoft platform have increased the potential for applying and realizing service-orientation practices and goals. Specifically, the book delves into Microsoft enterprise technologies, such as Windows Azure, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Azure AppFabric, BizTalk Server, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and industry technologies and models, including WS-* and REST, in relation to common SOA design patterns and principles. The book walks the reader through numerous code-level examples and further details various technology architectures and implementation examples, such as those related to cloud computing, orchestration, and enterprise service bus platforms.


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"Microsoft's diverse product line has long supported the service-oriented enterprise, but putting it all together into a cohesive whole can be daunting. From more established products, like Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and BizTalk Server, to newer offerings like Windows Azure and AppFabric, the experts assembled here expose the sweet spots for each technology, talk through the high-level trade-offs, and offer a roadmap to a unified Microsoft SOA story."

- Kevin P. Davis, Ph.D. Software Architect

"This book excels in giving hands-on and in-depth expertise on the SOA architecture style with the .NET framework and the Azure cloud platform. It's a practical guide for developers, architects, and SOA implementers. A must read!"

- Ricardo P. Schluter, ICT Architect, Parnassia Bavo Group

"While the industry overall may have hyped "the cloud" to the level it often seems to cure world hunger, SOA with .NET and Windows Azure helps cut through the questions and hype and more clearly discusses the benefits and practical techniques for putting it to work in the real world. This book helps you understand the benefits associated with SOAand cloud computing, and also the techniques for connecting your current IT assets with new composite applications and data running in the cloud. This book will help you understand modern middleware technologies and harness the benefits of the cloud both on and off premises."

- Burley Kawasaki, Director of Product Management, Microsoft

"The authors have a combined SOA and .NET experience of several decades-which becomes obvious when reading this book. They don't just lead you down one path with a single descriptive solution. Instead, the sometimes nasty trade-offs that architects face in their design decisions are addressed. These are then mapped to the Microsoft .NET platform with clear code examples. Avery refreshing look at this major contender in the SOA space and a definite must for the .NET SOA practitioner!"

- Dr. Thomas Rischbeck, IT Architect, Innovation Process Technology

"In order to evolve as a software craftsman one must read excellent books that will help you grow and evolve in your profession. One of those books that every software craftsman interested in good design and best practices should read is SOA with .NET and Windows Azure. With this book, you will learn which design patterns will provide the best solution for the kinds of software design problems you, as a developer or designer, face every day. This book has everything that software architects, software designers, and programmers need to know when building great quality software with Microsoft technologies.

"This will undoubtedly be one of those books that you reference repeatedly when starting new SOA projects. There is plenty of information that even those not working with typical service-oriented architecture will find very useful. With plenty of real-life examples (code, design, and modeling), readers see in a practical manner how they could use SOA patterns to solve everyday software problems and be more productive. SOA with .NET and Windows Azure will fit in my top three books and will definitely be one of those that I will use in my everyday work."

- Arman Kurtagic, Consultant at Omegapoint AB

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Case Study Background
  • Part I: Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: SOA Fundamentals
  • Chapter 4: A Brief History of Legacy .NET Distributed Technologies
  • Chapter 5: WCF Services
  • Chapter 6: WCF Extensions
  • Chapter 7: .NET Enterprise Services Technologies
  • Chapter 8: Cloud Services with Windows Azure
  • Part II: Services and Service Composition
  • Chapter 9: Service-Orientation with .NET Part I: Service Contracts and Interoperability
  • Chapter 10: Service-Orientation with .NET Part II: Coupling, Abstraction, and Discoverability
  • Chapter 11: Service-Orientation with .NET Part III: Reusability and Agnostic Service Models
  • Chapter 12: Service-Orientation with .NET Part IV: Service Composition and Orchestration Basics
  • Chapter 13: Orchestration Patterns with WF
  • Chapter 14: Orchestration Patterns with BizTalk Server
  • Part III: Infrastructure and Architecture
  • Chapter 15: Enterprise Service Bus with BizTalk Server and Windows Azure
  • Chapter 16: Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Service Bus
  • Chapter 17: SOA Security with .NET and Windows Azure
  • Chapter 18: Service-Oriented Presentation Layers with .NET
  • Chapter 19: Service Performance Optimization
  • Chapter 20: SOA Metrics with BAM
  • Part IV: Appendices
  • Appendix A: Case Study Conclusion
  • Appendix B: Industry Standards Reference
  • Appendix C: Service-Orientation Principles Reference
  • Appendix D: SOA Design Patterns Reference
  • Appendix E: The Annotated SOA Manifesto
  • Appendix F: Additional Resources