SOA with Java: Realizing Service-Orientation with Java Technologies

SOA with Java: Realizing Service-Orientation with Java Technologies

  • Prentice Hall/PearsonPTR
  • Hardcover, 592 pages
  • ISBN: 9780133859034
  • Authors (in alphabetical order):
  • Thomas Erl
  • Satadru Roy
  • Philip Thomas
  • Andre Tost
  • Foreword by:
  • Mark Little, Red Hat
  • Contributors (in alphabetical order):
  • David Chou
  • Thomas Plunkett
  • Raj Balasubramanian

SOA Certified Java Developer Program

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About This Book

The Java platform has evolved significantly over the past decade and has become a preferred platform for building Web-based enterprise applications. The service-orientation paradigm introduces a number of requirements and design principles that formalize the application of Java platforms and technologies in support of the strategic goals of service-oriented computing. This book explores service-oriented solution design and implementation through the application of techniques and best practices that utilize Java technology advances.


"Thomas Erl's series of books on services technology have shaped, influenced, and strengthened a whole community of enterprise and solution architects' thinking and solution development, and the much awaited SOA with Java book is an excellent addition to the series. It is a must-read."

- Lalatendu Rath, Wipro Technologies

"An outstanding depth-and-breadth resource for IT architects and Java professionals to understand and apply the marriage of SOA and modern Java."

- Antonio Bruno, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, digitalStrom

"A great self-contained book on SOA using flexible Java implementations..."

- Roger Stoffers, Hewlett Packard

"Provides clarity on abstract concepts and is filled with concrete examples of implementing SOA principles in Java environments."

- Sanjay Singh, Certified SOA Architect

"...provides a holistic, comprehensive view on leveraging SOA principles and architecture for building and deploying performant Java services."

- Suzanne D'Souza, KBACE Technologies

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Case Study Examples
  • PART I: Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Fundamental SOA Concepts
  • Chapter 4: Basic Java Distributed Technologies
  • Chapter 5: Web-Based Service Technologies
  • Chapter 6: Building Web-Based Services with Java
  • PART II: Services
  • Chapter 7: Service-Orientation Principles with Java Web-Based Services
  • Chapter 8: Utility Services with Java
  • Chapter 9: Entity Services with Java
  • PART III: Service Composition and Infrastructure
  • Chapter 10: Task Services with Java
  • Chapter 11: Service Composition with Java
  • Chapter 12: ESB as SOA Infrastructure
  • PART IV: Appendices
  • Appendix A: Case Study Conclusion
  • Appendix B: Service-Orientation Principles Reference
  • Appendix C: SOA Design Patterns Reference
  • Appendix D: The Annotated SOA Manifesto