Service Infrastructure: On-Premise & in the Cloud

Service Infrastructure: On-Premise & in the Cloud

  • Prentice Hall/PearsonPTR
  • Available: 2017
  • Hardcover, ~ 500 pages
  • Authors & Contributors(in alphabetical order):
  • Anthony Assi
  • Toufic Boubez
  • David Chappell
  • Pethuru Raj
  • David Chou
  • John deVadoss
  • Csilla Farkas
  • Thomas Erl
  • Francois Lascelles
  • Mark Little
  • Anna Liu
  • Brian Loesgen
  • Tom Plunkett
  • Thomas Rischbeck
  • Satadru Roy
  • Arnaud Simon
  • Roger Stoffers
  • Longji Tang
  • Herbjorn Wilhelmsen
  • Johannes Maria Zaha

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Case Study Background
  • Part I: Fundamentals of Service Infrastructure
  • Chapter 3: Understanding the Modern SOI
  • Chapter 4: Understanding the Cloud-based SOI
  • Chapter 5: Service Infrastructure Design Patterns
  • Part II: Modern Service Infrastructure Building Blocks
  • Chapter 6: Mediation Services
  • Chapter 7: Orchestration, Process Management, and Business Activity Monitoring
  • Chapter 8: Rules Engines and Decision Services
  • Chapter 9: Transactions and Reliability
  • Chapter 10: Scalable Data and SOA
  • Chapter 11: Elastic Computing
  • Chapter 12: Component Frameworks
  • Part III: Service Infrastructure Security
  • Chapter 13: Security Concepts and Standards
  • Chapter 14: Standards and Interoperability
  • Chapter 15: Threats and Mitigation
  • Chapter 16: Security Implementation and Best Practices
  • Part IV: Service Infrastructure Governance
  • Chapter 17: Registries and Repositories
  • Chapter 18: Cloud Computing and Governance
  • Part V: Service Infrastructure in Practice
  • Chapter 19: Enterprise Deployments, Runtime Topologies, and ESB
  • Chapter 20: Product Types: ESBs and Other SOA Intermediaries
  • Chapter 21: Envisioning Cloud Deployment Models and Methods
  • Chapter 22: Infrastructure Deployment Scenarios for Cloud Computing
  • Appendices
  • Appendix A: Case Study Conclusion

Service Infrastructure: On-Premise & in the Cloudis the definitive technical resource for modern services-based infrastructure technologies and practices. A group of top industry experts and authors collaborated for over three years to produce the most comprehensive documentation of contemporary infrastructure platforms and new technology architectures in support of sophisticated service-oriented solution. This important new book delves into the most critical aspects of establishing both on-premise infrastructures in support of in-house applications, as well as leveraging cloud-based infrastructure resources as part of hybrid and remove application architectures. Topics include cloud-based environments, virtualization, server clustering, next generation enterprise service bus (ESB) systems, as well as a large range of recent middleware advances and innovations.

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