SOA Governance: Governing Shared Services On-Premise & in the Cloud

SOA Governance:
Governing Shared Services On-Premise & in the Cloud

  • Prentice Hall/PearsonPTR
  • ISBN: 0138156751
  • Hardcover, 675 pages
  • Authors (in alphabetical order)
  • Stephen Bennett
  • Thomas Erl
  • Clive Gee
  • Robert Laird
  • Anne Thomas Manes
  • Robert Schneider
  • Leo Shuster
  • Andre Tost
  • Chris Venable
  • Forewords by:
  • Massimo Pezzini
  • Roberto Medrano
  • Contributors:
  • Benjamin Carlyle
  • Robert Moores
  • Filippos Santas

About this Book

This book provides a comprehensive, yet understandable and actionable set of guidelines to help readers govern, evolve and adapt their SOA projects and eco-systems. It explores a wide range of organizational governance-related practices and patterns and helps make sense of the complex SOA governance technology landscape.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Case Study Background
  • Part I: Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Service-Oriented Computing Fundamentals
  • Chapter 4: SOA Planning Fundamentals
  • Chapter 5: SOA Project Fundamentals
  • Chapter 6: Understanding SOA Governance
  • Part II: Project Governance
  • Chapter 7: Governing SOA Projects
  • Chapter 8: Governing Service Analysis Stages
  • Chapter 9: Governing Service Design and Development Stages
  • Chapter 10: Governing Service Testing and Deployment Stages
  • Chapter 11: Governing Service Usage, Discovery, and Versioning Stages
  • Part III: Strategic Governance
  • Chapter 12: Service Information and Service Policy Governance
  • Chapter 13: SOA Governance Vitality
  • Chapter 14: SOA Governance Technology
  • Part IV: Appendices
  • Appendix A: Case Study Conclusion
  • Appendix B: Master Reference Diagrams for Organizational Roles
  • Appendix C: Service-Orientation Principles Reference
  • Appendix D: SOA Design Patterns Reference
  • Appendix E: The Annotated SOA Manifesto
  • Appendix F: Versioning Fundamentals for Web Services and REST Services
  • Appendix G: Mapping Service-Orientation to RUP
  • Appendix H: Additional Resources

SOA Certified Professional Program

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"You will find in this book a comprehensive and richly detailed interpretation of what these rules and processes are all about and how they can be concretely implemented. You may adopt and adapt these suggestions to your actual business and technical requirements, level of SOA maturity, organizational settings, and your company's business and IT culture. The variety of case studies discussed in the book will also give you a sense of how concretely SOA governance can be implemented to achieve real-life business goals."

- Massimo Pezzini, VP and Research Fellow, Gartner, Inc.

"This book works because it gives the reader a sense of SOA governance across the full IT lifecycle and spans the organizations that are charged with managing the SOA. Thomas offers valuable insights and pragmatic tips on how to implement governance that is sensible yet effective, touching on managerial and business issues as much as technology. He probes into the nature of rules and organizations, even human nature, as he lays out the groundwork for good governance. Thomas understands that all of these aspects of governance are relevant to the success of a program. Enjoy this book. If you are involved in IT management, you will find it an indispensible companion in your quest for success with SOA."

- Roberto Medrano, SOA Software

"Frameworks can be difficult constructs to articulate effectively enough to be useful to practitioners, who are often more interested in answers than guidance. This book on SOA governance provides both thoughtful and carefully crafted narrative, and the supplementation of poignant real-world case studies that will help practitioners calibrate guidance to realities on the ground. This is a terrific book that will be heavily used with tab stickers, dog-ears, highlighting, and column notes abounding to show for it as practitioners strategize and subsequently iterate through organizational learnings on their journeys to SOA maturity."

- David S. Rogers, Manager, IEEE Conferences Business and Technology Solutions Office, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

"This book provides an indispensable guide for establishing a firm SOA governance foundation. Easy to read, comprehensive, pragmatic excellent job."

- Nick Laqua, Enterprise SOA Architect, Cathay Pacific Airways

"Thomas Erl's SOA Governance book summarizes and clarifies the principles behind this crucial capability for the SOA adoption. Finally, a contribution that serves as a guide for project managers, architects, and any related role that has a common goal: the establishment, administration, and vision behind a service-enabled enterprise. Accenture sees this book as a milestone that will support the rationale behind selling and delivering SOA governance projects around the world. We recommend this book to anyone from technical or business backgrounds interested in service-enabled enterprise to understand why architecture is not only about bits and bytes."

- Dr. Matthias Ziegler,Architecture Innovation Lead Austria,Switzerland,Germany,Accenture,
- Dr. Jure Zakotnik, BPM & SOA Project Manager, Technology Architect, Accenture,
- Thomas M. Michelbach, Senior Technology Architect, Architecture Innovation, Accenture

"Achieving your service-oriented goals requires controlled growth and change, which are best accomplished through rigorous governance. The authors of this work drive to the heart of governance and show you how to manage your portfolio of services."

- Kevin P. Davis, Ph.D.,Software Architect

"With this book Thomas Erl [and his team] do a great job in outlining a framework to implement an SOA governance program. For each stage of the project lifecycle, necessary governance precepts and processes are described concretely by referring to the service-orientation principles and SOA patterns. This makes it an indispensable source of information for any SOA practitioner or any professional who plans to start an SOA initiative."

- Jean-Paul De Baets, Principal SOA Architect, Fedict (Belgian Federal Government Information and Communication Technology Service)

"Thomas Erl's SOA Governance fills in an important missing piece for any organization wanting to move to and succeed with an enterprise commitment to implement SOA and realize its overarching benefits. Of equal importance, however, is the fact that the basic concepts and frameworks that the book instantiates in the context of SOA can also be productively applied in other contexts that are not formally 'SOA-esque,' but where complexity is in need of formal governance. For example, we are using this book as our reference in both the SOA development and implementation work at the NCI CBIIT, as well as the enterprise architecture definition efforts within HL7, an international healthcare interoperability Standards Development Organization (SDO) whose purvey includes the development of specifications to support computable semantic interoperability using distributed computing paradigms of involving services, messages, and documents."

- Charles N. Mead, M.D., MSc., Senior Technical Advisor to the Director, National Cancer Institute Center for Bioinformatics and Information Technology (NCI CBIIT) Chair, Architecture Board, Health Level 7 (HL7)

"SOA Governance is a must-read that provides an in-depth look at the organizational, managerial, procedural, and technical aspects that any SOA project needs to consider. If you're investing in SOA, you'll benefit greatly by having this excellent resource available to you as you contend with the many challenges of creating your own SOA governance."

- David E. Michalowicz, Principal, Information Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

"If you are not familiar with SOA governance, this book introduces you to all the relevant stuff needed in a very practical and easy-to-understand manner. Use the processes and precepts shown herein to enable your enterprise [to realize] SOA governance."

- Damian Kleer, SOA Architect, DB Systel

"SOA Governance is the best read on governance and software delivery processes since the publication of RUP; it is the book that defines the standard Service Delivery Processes for all project lifecycle models and defines the necessary conditions and roadmap to reach SOA in the IT organization."

- Filippos Santas, IT Architect, Credit Suisse Private Banking, Switzerland, and Certified SOA Trainer

"SOA Governance delivers comprehensive coverage of precepts, processes, and roles for every service project lifecycle stage, from analysis through to service retirement. This book truly provides the key to successfully realizing SOA governance within IT projects and the organization as a whole."

- Sanjay Singh, Vice President, Rofous Software Pvt. Ltd., Certified SOA Professional, Certified Scrum Master, IEEE Member

"SOA Governance blends in nicely with the rest of the Service-Oriented Computing series. The book gives a good and sensible overview of governance in general as well as SOA governance in particular. After that the book provides more details in the different areas of SOA governance. What I find extra valuable in this book are the case studies since they provide very realistic examples companies can use as a starting point for their own governance work. Together with the tools that are included (such as assessments, templates, and procedures), this book can get your SOA governance program off to a flying start."

- Herbjörn Wilhelmsen, Enterprise Architect, TUI Nordic